Colors of Pi

A visualization of Pi

April 2015

Version 1

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The first version of this site was made in Python. The code would parse a text file containing pi, and then insert styled <div> tags into an html page.


The result was pretty. Since, I was using hexadecimal colors, all of the colors ended up being dark. This was because pi never contained any A-F characters and couldn't make a color brighter than #999999.


I was thrilled with the results, so I had to host it online somewhere. I found a site that gave me a very untrustworthy looking url.

SNL Appearance

I am convinced that SNL used my website as a background during their sketch "Meet Your Second Wife." Take a look for yourself:

Meet Your Second Wife

Version 2

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Years later, I felt compelled to rebuild the site so that it wasn't just one huge html file.