Crossword Cubes

A family favorite

April 2020

Crossword Cubes is a Scrabble game that has been a family favorite for years. Players roll a set of 14 cubes, then arrange the face up sides into a cross word formation containing valid words.

My family played this game just by sending photos during the pandemic, so I wanted to make an easier to share version. So I made an online version where we can share the roll to compete, and then share the arrangement to show off.

Project Future

I want to create an app that people enjoy the way they enjoy Wordle. I think that changing this app to have a daily challenge with a global leaderboard could gather a following. I of course would have to make the game my own:

  • Change the score to reward longer words and not just intersections
  • Change the vowel and consonant frequency and vary the number of tiles
  • Change the name of the game