Julian Wittich Musician Website

A based site

June 2024

My brother-in-law needed a musician website to be more findable. Rather than him paying for Squarespace I built him a website myself.

Since the website is relatively simple, I wanted there to be a fun interactive feature. I decided the divider between the main photo and the sidebar would be a set of 4 pluckable bass strings.

Try moving your mouse across the strings to see them vibrate. The algorithm is simple but effective. We create a pullPoint at where the mouse is and calculate a to point on the opposite end of the guitar string and slightly towards the center. When we release the pullPoint moves towards the to point until it reaches it, then a new to point is created on the opposite end and slightly down. The process repeats until we are at equilibrium.


This was my first time using a clear background canvas on top of a website. I love how this is a small interactive feature and is not too distracting. I especially love how when you pull the furthest right string the sidebar comes with it (notice how you can pull it to reveal or cover the background, like curtains).