NightPro For GoPro

A Python package for merging nightlapse photos into video

December 2020

I purchased a GoPro to film myself rollerblading, but found that I also really enjoyed the nightlapse features.

Project Reasons

GoPro nightlapses are wonderful. But they save oddly. Rather than saving as a single video, the way other GoPro timelapses do, they save as a series of individual photos. Merging them all into one required a tedious ffmpeg command:

$ ffmpeg -r 32 -start_number <number> -i ./<folder>/G00%d.JPG -vcodec libx264 -pix_fmt yuv420p <name>.mp4

I decided to make NightPro as a Python package to automatically find all the sets of files that can be turned into nightlapes videos and run this command on them. After installation, it can be run using:

$ nightpro