Pennsylvania State Computer Fair

The competition that started me down my development path

April 2014

Middle school computer apps class was where my intrest for the web started. In 7th grade we had to start and maintain a blog. This was before many of us had Facebook accounts, so all of our after school communication was sharing links on AIM and forwarding emails. I was thrilled whenever I posted things that got shared.

In 8th grade, I found my love for web design. We had to create a simple HTML page in Dreamweaver about an endangered species.

08. Fractal Geometry

Fractal Geometry

Using the baisc header, footer, two sidebar, and centered content template Dreamweaver starts out with, I created a simple webpage with all the bells and whistles of the 2000s like cursor animations and page transitions. The website was about Fractal Geometry...

The website won second place at states.

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09. Franz Kafka

In freshman year, I did a project about Franz Kafka. I decided to go for a realistic look, with papers and journals and pens on a desk.

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10. Atomic Theory

Atomic Theory

After taking a class about Flash animations, I knew I had to incorporate flash into my next project. I designed a one-page click-to-scroll website where information widgets would slide out a bottom portal and through a top portal.

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11. Physics


The one-page click-to-scroll became a favorite of mine. I was inspired by other paralax sites that had become popular at the time, and I came up with the idea of following an apple downward while the rest of the webpage scrolled up around it.

The website placed second at states.

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12. Censorship


This was my most ambitious website yet. Another one-page click-to-scroll paralax site, but this time I teamed up with a friend to help create the graphics.

This website made it to states. I never was best in state.

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