Tasty But Too Close

Another cooking video Instagram

June 2020

I've always enjoyed Tasty videos. They're quick and make the recipe look easy. I also always wanted to create a funny bot account. The idea of taking the familiar style of Tasty and Nifty videos, but zooming them in a little too close to see what's going on seemed funny to me.

The results are silly but also sometimes pretty artsy.


Unfortunately, Instagram is difficult to work with programmatically, and I didn't want to run a server just for this project. Plus with all the free time during lockdown, I might as well just post them myself and revisit making a bot if it felt worthwhile.

Using Python and instaloader downloading software, I created a system to create cropped videos.

  1. Batch download
  2. Auto crop and write caption
  3. Manually post using automatically copied caption

The main function of step 2 looks like this:

# crop.py
  for f in all_in_files:
    split = f.split(".", 1)

    # isCroppable: if the end is mp4 and has not been processed yet
    if isCroppable(split, f):

      # create a randomly cropped video

      # get the caption with appended hashtags and copy it
      caption = get_caption(split[0])
      print('COPIED:\n' + caption + '\n')

      # log the video as cropped and posted



Oh-ho yes